Wolf Hybrid Information

The Endangered Wolf Center has received several requests for hybrid information or assistance in finding homes for unwanted wolf pets or wolf-dog hybrids. The EWC  houses only endangered wolf species, we are not a home for wolf-dog hybrids or for unwanted pet wolves. The EWC strongly discourages the selling or purchasing of any wild animal including wolf-dog hybrids or wolves.

Wolf hybrid facts:
The majority of exotic pets, including hybrids, are dead before the age of three.
Because the treatment of hybrids is not covered under malpractice insurance, most veterinarians will not treat them.

  • Currently over 300,000 hybrids exist in the United States and the population continues to grow.
  • Wolf hybrids can be socialized and even tamed but they cannot be domesticated.
  • Because of liability issues animal control agencies will not take in hybrids and animal shelters cannot place hybrids into new homes. This results in many hybrids being destroyed each year.
  • Each time a hybrid attacks a person it is a set back to the reintroduction efforts of endangered, wild wolves. People assume that hybrid behavior and wild wolf behavior are one in the same – they are not. 

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If you have a wolf-dog hybrid and need assistance or information you can contact:

National Wolf Hybrid Association, Inc.
1059 Porter Morris RD
Chapmansboro, TN 37035