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Photograph amazing animals in a natural, secluded setting

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Spend Time in the Company of Wolves

Located just outside St. Louis in the rolling, wooded hills of Eureka, MO, lies a secluded habitat that has been the foundation for Mexican wolf recovery in the U.S. for more than 50 years.

Experience Highlights

Photograph some of the world’s most endangered wolves

Professional wildlife photographers often choose the Endangered Wolf Center for photography to capture their stunning images of the world’s rarest wolves. Our large wolf habitats offer natural, serene, and wooded surroundings that provide the ability to get breathtaking photos of Mexican wolves, American Red Wolves, maned wolves, African painted dogs, and swift foxes.

An experience for all levels

Our Signature Photography Experience is designed to allow professional and novice photographers alike time to try different locations, use different cameras and lenses, and work in beautiful natural lighting conditions.

Blend learning and creativity in the heart of nature!

You’ll join one of our knowledgeable educators as they guide you through this immersive behind-the-scenes adventure. As you capture stunning shots of our animals, an educator will answer your questions and provide valuable insights about each animal. 


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We welcome amateur and professional photographers by appointment and are proud to partner with passionate animal advocates who are helping to rewrite the future of these endangered animals through awareness, appreciation and education. Thank you for being a part of their story.

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The first time I saw wolves in Yellowstone was a magical experience, but they were too far in the distance to see in any detail in my photos. The Photography Tour at the Endangered Wolf Center let met get photos it could have taken me years to get in the wild.

- Marc H.