Our commitment to Diversity, Equity, Access, and Inclusion

DEAI Committee Charter

At the Endangered Wolf Center, inclusion, diversity, and equity are at the core of our mission and who we are as an organization. Our mission is to preserve and protect Mexican wolves, American Red Wolves, and other wild canid species with purpose and passion, through carefully managed breeding, reintroduction, research, and inspiring education programs. 

To accomplish the goal of saving species, we must work together with all members of our community. Having varied insights will help us gain a better understanding and perspective. This leads to more effective ideas to solve complex conservation issues.

We believe the Endangered Wolf Center and our zoological community can be a powerful platform for social change. We understand that as leaders in our field, it is our responsibility to further equality for all.  Not only is this the right thing to do, it is the smart thing to do. 

Increasing diversity and inclusion creates a stronger connection with our visitors and community, inspires innovation, and empowers our team – ultimately, improving our organization.

We strive to create an environment that truly reflects the diversity in our community – an environment where everyone feels heard, seen, valued, and empowered to succeed. We know we have work to do and are taking the next steps to build a more equitable organization that is open and accessible to all in our community.

The Endangered Wolf Center’s DEAI Committee will take proactive steps to promote diversity, equity, accessibility, and inclusion within three focus areas:

  • Accessibility of our campus for guests, staff, and volunteers
  • Fostering diversity within our community and team, including our vendors and suppliers
  • Linking our mission and community through outreach and conservation in action

The committee will follow a strategic plan set in motion at the beginning of each year and evaluate progress quarterly.

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