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An Exciting New Feature for Our Members

We’ve partnered with the world’s first online zoo to provide a live view of our animals. When you sign up for a membership with the Endangered Wolf Center, your zoolife access awaits. 

We’ve partnered with Zoolife to bring you live webcams of our maned wolf and swift fox habitats!

Take Photos and Video

You can capture your very own photos and video clips of our animals and show the world! 

Chat With Animal Lovers & Experts

Connect with a community of like-minded animal lovers and find Q&A’s with keepers who can share their expertise directly with you.

Get to Know Our Animals

Expand your knowledge about our animals with Family and Species cards.

Cameras are Rolling 24/7

See what our swift fox and maned wolves do when our keepers aren’t around.

zoolife FAQs

What if I'm not a member at the Endangered Wolf Center?

While zoolife access is a special perk for our members, it’s also available as a stand-alone virtual zoo. When you sign up through our exclusive partner link, you support our conservation efforts here at the Endangered Wolf Center.

What if I'm already a member at the Endangered Wolf Center?

Full zoolife access will be rolled out when your current membership with the Endangered Wolf Center renews. But don’t worry, you don’t have to wait to enjoy zoolife. Use this special link to gain access to our maned wolf habitat and a few other randomly selected habitats from other ethical zoos 

How does zoolife impact conservation?

50% of your zoolife membership fee directly funds animal care and saving wildlife. Funds are allocated based on the watch time of each species on zoolife.

Which of your animals can I see on zoolife?

Currently, you can watch a live stream of our maned wolves, Lucky and Caido, and our swift fox, Carrie. 

What else is included in a membership to the Endangered Wolf Center?

We offer a variety of membership levels catered to our diverse visitors. See which membership is right for you!

Where can I learn more about zoolife?

Still have questions? Email us at [email protected] to learn more about this unique member perk.

Explore More Member Perks

Access to zoolife is just one of many perks you’ll receive when you support the Endangered Wolf Center through an EWC membership. Ready to explore our membership levels and make a difference for endangered wolves?