Our Pack

Building on the 50-year legacy of our beloved founders, meet the pack on a mission to change the way the world sees wolves, foxes and wild dogs. Join us.


Meet the Animals in Our Care

They have stories that will put a huge smile on your heart. Others have stories that will bring you to your knees. But what all of the animals in our care have in common is that the wild depends on them to remain in balance. And whether they’re here to help us understand the fragility of entire ecosystems when the “top dog” is endangered or the ripple effect of climate change, those eyes, those big personalities, those magnificent howls all help open minds and open hearts. 

ADOPT Mexican Wolves

Mexican Wolves

Every Mexican wolf in the wild today can trace his or her roots to our Center. Internationally recognized for our leadership in Mexican wolf recovery, learn how we’re on the frontlines to preserve and protect this vulnerable species.

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ADOPT American Red Wolves

American Red Wolves

This all-American wolf is one of the rarest animals in the world. Native to the United States, it now inhabits only a handful of acres on the eastern seaboard. Learn how we’re working to bring this underdog back and how ecosystems benefit.

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ADOPT African Painted Dogs

African Painted Dog

African Painted Dogs get their names from their distinctive coats, each as individual as a fingerprint. Researchers believe they even recognize each other this way. Essential to ecosystems in Africa, fewer than 4000 of these pack-oriented animals remain in the wild.

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ADOPT Maned Wolf

Maned Wolf

Maned wolves are wolves in name only, related more closely to South African bush dogs. Shy and solitary except to mate, they are not able to bring down large pray like pack animals, instead beneficially hunting rodents and smaller pray.

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ADOPT Swift Foxes

Swift Fox

Once having lost more than 80% of their historic range, the swift fox is an example of a collaborative success story. They were removed from the Endangered Species List after gaining ground on their recovery, and today serve as ambassadors to help prove what is possible.

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ADOPT Fennec Foxes

Fennec Fox

Those ears. While they’re certainly a trademark of Fennec Foxes, they also serve a critical purpose in the wild – and not just to help them hear. Popular with our guests and for good reason, these pint-sized bodies pack a ton of personality. Meet those in our care.

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ADOPT Arctic Foxes

Arctic Fox

Like all animals who make their homes in the polar caps of our world, climate change is closing in on them fast. But so are human activities. Surprising in such remote parts of the world? Maybe not, and choices we make can help protect them.

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Education Ambassadors

Whether they are so rare they’ve been bred and sold as exotic pets, or so common we might find them in our own back yards – and make some common mistakes thinking we were in fact helping – each of the education ambassadors in our care has a story to tell, and message to share.

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Meet the People Who Make it Possible

Founded in 1971 by beloved wildlife biologist Marlin Perkins and his wife, Carol, the Endangered Wolf Center is accredited by the American Zoological Association and has earned respect across the globe for our work in endangered wolf, fox and painted dog conservation. Meet some of the people behind this world-leading organization.



From wildlife biologists doing ground-breaking work in the field to our animal caretakers to the marketing and operations experts leading the work done at our world-renowned Center, we’d like to give a howl-out to some of the people who make everything we do here possible.

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Board of Directors

Our Board of Directors is comprised of leaders who value the importance of preserving and protecting wildlife and wild places and recognize the role of individuals and corporations as stewards of our planet. We are grateful for their leadership, guidance and steadfast support.

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volunteer opportunities


Our volunteers are the backbone of our Center, and the opportunities are endless. From behind-the-scenes work like gardening and groundskeeping to guest-facing work like docents and fundraisers, our Center is able to do what we do thanks to the time and talent our wonderful volunteers share.

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Marlin and Carol Perkins

Our Beloved Founders

Generations of animal lovers tuned in to watch Marlin Perkins and his famous television series Mutual of Omaha’s Wild Kingdom. Marlin and his wife, Carol, founded the Endangered Wolf Center with the foresight to the vital role wolves play for entire ecosystems.

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