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Many people think of wolves and other predators as villains because of stories like Little Red Riding Hood, but in reality, top predators are essential to the balance of nature in the wild.

This tour is a shared experience for up to 20 participants. Private tours are also available exclusively for you and your guests.

Tour Highlights

Why the wild needs wolves

While they’ve often been cast as villains, in the animal world, these top dogs play an irreplaceable role in the wild.

Remove the top dog from any food chain – whether it’s lions on the Serengeti or wolves in Yellowstone – and entire ecosystems collapse. Your tour guide will explain why this happens and how we can all play a role in wildlife conservation.

Who you’ll see

Every tour is unique. You’ll have a chance to see the Mexican wolves, American Red Wolves, maned wolves, several fox species, and African painted dogs that call the Endangered Wolf Center home. 

What you’ll do

Endangered Species Tours include a full-length tour of the animal habitats. This walking tour includes approximately one mile of walking and you’ll be accompanied by an informative tour guide during your entire experience.

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Endangered Species Tour are an approximately and hour and a half long. Each includes an educational classroom session as well as a full length guided tour of our endangered animal habitats. Enhance your experience with one of two popular add-ons, see below.

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There are so many myths about wolves and wild animals out there, and I love how this tour helps dispel them. It’s time we stop labeling wolves and other top predators as the bad guys and learn to appreciate their essential roles in the wild.

- Judith N.