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Melting Arctic ice due to climate change is contributing to the decline of the Arctic fox population. They may be down, but don’t count them out.

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Meet Our Arctic Fox

A former victim of the pet trade, today Artie’s story is shared as part of our world-class education program, teaching respect for wildlife and the vital roles they play in the health of our ecosystems. Artie is an ambassador to his wild counterparts and enjoys connecting with his keepers and guests every day.

Artie & Cooper's Fox Family

From the pet trade to animal ambassadors.

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Wild About Arctic Foxes

Meet a Polar Predator on Thin Ice

“For thousands of generations, the Gwich’in people have lived off the Arctic Refuge, what they call ‘the Sacred Place Where Life Begins.’ For hundreds of thousands of caribou, for polar bears, muskox, wolves, arctic foxes and over 200 species of migratory birds it is exactly that, a birthing ground. These Arctic species are dependent on the Arctic Refuge for their survival.”   

– Florian Schulz, wildlife photographer, filmmaker, speaker

Where do Arctic foxes live?

The Arctic fox lives north of the Arctic Circle in places you might expect given their name – the frozen Arctic and alpine tundra of places like Siberia, Greenland, Alaska and Canada.

Is the Arctic fox endangered?

The Arctic fox faces several threats including climate change to energy development in once protected areas, to hunting due to the fur industry and even the pet trade.

Climate change also decreases the prey species available for the Arctic foxes minimizing valuable food sources.

How big is an Arctic fox?

The Arctic fox is far smaller than their red fox cousins, weighing about 7-15 pounds with a height of 11 inches on average – that’s about as tall as a sheet of paper.

While we think of an Arctic fox as white as snow, their fur actually changes seasonally from winter white to brown or gray during the snowmelt to camouflage with their surroundings.


What do Arctic foxes eat?

Arctic foxes are agile hunters who can be found trotting along the sea ice scavenging hunts from polar bears or flushing out migratory birds hoping to find their eggs.

Adopt the Arctic Fox

The Arctic fox’s future is on thin ice, but by educating future generations of conservationists, we’re working to ensure environmental stewardship that will benefit foxes like Artie. Your symbolic adoption of our fox family includes a special adoption package.