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Go Behind the Scenes With Our VIP Tour

This 2-hour tour is consistently a favorite among our guests because it offers a rare opportunity to go behind the scenes to experience conservation in action.

Tour Highlights

Be our VIP

As a VIP guest, you’ll get to meet some of the amazing animals in our care, including some of our own VIPs – very important predators! You’ll learn why these endangered animals are crucial to the health and stability of the ecosystems that depend on them.

You’ll join your tour guide inside the perimeter fence (just like our staff) for a close-up view. While we’re all animal lovers just like you, please note that, for the safety of our animals and guests, we will not enter habitats, touch, or interact with the animals.

Caring & Understanding

Caring for an endangered animal – especially one who may be a candidate for wild release one day – requires a special understanding of the species. You’ll learn how our Mexican wolves and American Red Wolves are making history by adding to the wild populations.

Learn about Training & Enrichment

You’ll top off your tour by learning how our animal care team ensures our animals are happy and healthy by keeping them active, enhancing their problem-solving skills, and promoting natural behaviors through training and enrichment. 

P.S. This tour also makes a wonderful gift for a very important person in your life.

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My daughter has been an animal lover from the time she could crawl. The VIP Tour was the perfect graduation gift for her, and while she can see that caring for animals in real life takes lot of work, it sure cemented her dream of becoming a biologist.

- Sandra L.