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Reserve Your Own 90-Minute Guided Tour

This private, guided tour is the ideal way to experience the Endangered Wolf Center with your group. Customize your tour, ask questions, and enjoy a personalized experience that your group will remember for a lifetime.

This exclusive tour includes only your party of up to 20 and your tour guide.

Tour Highlights

A tour customized for your group

Tailored to what you want to see and learn, we’ll share insights we’ve gathered over five decades of working with and for wolves, foxes, and African painted dogs. Because private tours tend to be smaller and cater to your party, you can decide where you’d like to spend more of your time and stay longer with your favorite animals.

Rewriting the tale of the big bad wolf

Learn why these endangered animals are essential to the health of entire ecosystems. 

You’ll get a chance to know wolves the way we know them. Naturally shy around humans, wolves are loyal, intelligent, and highly family-oriented, with social bonds so strong they often howl to mourn the passing of pack members for days.

Experience other animal encounters along the way

We’ll also share an inside look at three additional endangered species in our care: African painted dogs, maned wolves, and swift foxes. Weighing in at only 4-6 pounds, we must warn you that our swift foxes have been known to steal a few hearts.

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The Private Tour was perfect for us and my brother’s family to do together. We loved having the guide to ourselves, moving at our own pace and meeting other animals we hadn’t met before.
- Marie L.