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Learn the language of wolves through stories and howls

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The Howl of the Wolf is the Song of Nature in Harmony

A wolf’s howl inspires awe, adoration, wonder, and sometimes fear, depending on the stories you’ve been told. Gather around the campfire to learn the true tale of the wolf and find out if Little Red Riding Hood lied.

After you’ve learned about wolf communication, you’ll howl with the wolves beneath the stars and leave feeling reconnected to nature.

Program Highlights

Why do wolves howl?

This popular evening program answers questions about wolves and their howls during a family-friendly event that kicks off with entertaining stories about wolf communication.

Test your howling skills

Next, you and your Endangered Wolf Center hosts will walk about a half mile (round trip) to an area near the wolf habitats for the highlight of the event. There, we will attempt to get the wolves to howl. Our wolves usually answer, but like all wild animals, they are unpredictable and may not respond.

What’s included

An evening around the campfire and the chance to hear one of the most iconic sounds of the animal kingdom make this an unforgettable experience. But please note: You will not have the opportunity to view the wolves during this program, since this experience is designed to offer you a chance to hear wolves howl – something they don’t do as much during the daytime tours. After the howl, you will enjoy light refreshments and have an opportunity to ask questions and browse our gift shop.


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I was so lost in the moment when the wolves started to howl. What an experience! This has turned into one of our favorite things to do when family and friends come to visit. 

- Elizabeth B.