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Play is the Universal Language

It takes much more than a passion for wildlife to bridge the language barrier between our species. A good animal trainer has the patience to connect through the languages that are universal to all members of the animal kingdom, including ourselves, such as play, trust, companionship and love.

Tour Highlights

See encouragement-based training in action

This type of communication forms the foundation for the encouragement-based training philosophy we use here at the Endangered Wolf Center. On this tour you’ll meet some of the animals in our care who, either because they were recovered from the pet trade or their native countries do not have release areas, are unable to live on their own in the wild. This includes swift foxes, African painted dogs, maned wolves and our arctic fox and red fox. 

Why training is beneficial to the animals in our care

Training is important because it helps make it possible for our animal care staff and veterinarians to do their jobs more safely and easily through the willing participation of the animals. Training is also part of our animals’ enrichment program, since it allows them to be stimulated and positively rewarded for their cooperation.

 Protecting the pack

You may notice you won’t see red wolves or Mexican wolves on this tour. That’s because our Center is also home to release candidates who may one day play a role in species recovery efforts in the wild. Wolves are shy by nature, and keeping release candidates from becoming habituated to humans helps protect them in the wild.

Reserve as an add-on experience

This program is meant as an add-on, includes one species of our animals, and does not include a tour of the rest of the facility.

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Animal Training Experience FAQs

This 30-minute experience is offered as an add-on to our signature tour, the Endangered PredaTour, which gives guests a broad tour of our world-renowned Center. 


30 Minutes, available as an add-on tour only. Please arrive 15 minutes before start time at our gate.


This add-on tour is offered at 10:30 am on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays with a minimum of 24 hours advance notice. Please contact 636-938-5900 or [email protected]

Adult (15+) $20 $22
Active/past military and first responders Free Free
(ages 4-14)
$18 $20
Age 3 and under Free Free

For member discounts, please call your membership office at 636-938-5900. Learn more about our membership options.


Twenty-four hours advance reservation required.  Book Online or call 636-938-5900 . Learn more about  membership options

service animals

At this time, we regret that we are unable to accommodate service animals during our tours. If you or a group member have a special need or mobility need, please contact us in advance.

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Enrichment Experience

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I love how thoughtful the enrichment experiences were, and it was fun to see the animals’ curiosity spiked and hunting instincts kick in. I also took away some ideas for our dog’s enrichment. Cool stuff. 

- Jody C.