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Play is the Universal Language

It takes more than a passion for wildlife to bridge the language barrier between species. A good animal trainer has the patience to connect through the universal languages of play, trust, companionship, and love.

Tour Highlights

See positive-reinforcement training in action

This type of communication forms the foundation for the reward-based training philosophy we use here at the Endangered Wolf Center. During this experience, you’ll meet some of our animal residents who participate in training programs with our animal care team, like our curious foxes.

Why training is beneficial to the animals in our care

Training is part of our enrichment program for some of our animals and is important because it allows our animal care team to encourage our animals to participate in their own veterinary care. By providing positive stimulation and rewards for their cooperation, training is beneficial and enjoyable.

Protecting the pack

You may notice you won’t see American Red Wolves or Mexican wolves during this experience. That’s because the Endangered Wolf Center houses wild release candidates who may one day play a role in endangered species recovery efforts in the wild. Since wolves are shy by nature, keeping these release candidates from becoming habituated to humans helps protect them in the wild.

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Reserve Your Animal Training Experience Add-On

This add-on experience is the perfect compliment to a tour. You’ll visit one species during this experience for an exclusive view of our training and enrichment sessions with our animals.

For a full tour, we recommend our signature Endangered Species Tour.

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I love how thoughtful the enrichment experiences were, and it was fun to see the animals’ curiosity spiked and hunting instincts kick in. I also took away some ideas for our dog’s enrichment. Cool stuff. 

- Jody C.