Stephanie Arne Appointed Director of Education for the Endangered Wolf Center

PRESS RELEASE Missouri-based Endangered Wolf Center CEO Virginia Busch has announced the appointment of Stephanie Arne as its new Director of Education. Arne is an accomplished wildlife conservationist and the former host of Mutual of Omaha’s Wild Kingdom. She has worked in 20 countries and filmed stories on everything from polar bears to penguins.  According to Busch: “Stephanie has a strong connection with nature. She embraces the importance of living as a part of the natural world, rather than separate from it. And she knows that sharing that connectivity is critical to protecting nature...

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EWC Fosters 11 Mexican Wolf Pups to the Wild

2021 has been an eventful and record-breaking pup foster season at the Endangered Wolf Center. In total, 22 pups born in managed care – half of which came from the Endangered Wolf Center – were fostered into eight wild packs this spring. Two of our Mexican wolf mothers, Vera and Zana, gave birth to litters that were fostered into four wild packs in New Mexico and Arizona. Their valuable genetics will strengthen the health of this critically endangered wild population.     An Unforgettable Journey At only ten days old, the pups may not remember their journeys to the...

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Historic Release of American Red Wolves to the Wild

  Things Just Got Wild… On April 30 and May 1, 2021 four American red wolves from the Endangered Wolf Center, Wolf Conservation Center, and Wolf Haven International were released in a protected refuge of North Carolina. The goal? To assist in maintaining the only wild population of the most critically endangered wolf in the world.  This collaborative effort is the first time since 1998 that adult American red wolves were released into the wild from managed care facilities.       Why Save the American Red Wolf? “The American red wolf is a national treasure, and I am...

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Benefit Endangered Wolves While You Shop

Holiday shopping looks a little different this year, but don’t worry! We’ve curated the perfect gifts that keep giving… to your loved ones and the planet. Every gift you purchase through the Endangered Wolf Center Gift Shop helps us continue to provide expert care, veterinary services, education, and nutrition to the animals in our care. Shop online now or schedule an appointment with one of our personal shoppers in our Gift Shop, call (636) 938-5900. Our employees can guide you in finding the perfect gift for your friends and family. Unforgettable experiences, annual...

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Wolf Awareness Week: Sculpting the Tale of the American Red Wolf

Join the Endangered Wolf Center for a free discussion on the world’s most endangered wolf, the American red wolf. With fewer than 20 red wolves in the wild today, the time is now to get involved in saving this species. Special guests Dale Weiler and Loti Woods will join us to share their inspiring path to impacting conservation through art and how YOU can use your talents to help conserve endangered animals. News & Education First, you’ll hear breaking news from Regina Mossotti, Director of Animal Care and Conservation, about exciting news from our facility that will benefit...

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Highlights of Summer Wolf Camp 2020

Campers Connect with Nature in a Blended Program     Despite the ongoing and unconventional challenges of this summer, the Endangered Wolf Center continued to provide educational experiences to the community with our annual Summer Wolf Camp program. This year, campers chose from unique themes that highlight an element of natural history: art, science, and adventure. “Fairy Tails,” “Inspectors,” and “Explorers” gathered for one week both on-site and online with their Camp-in-a-Crates in tow! Our summer camps aim to create lasting ties between our...

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