The Endangered Wolf Center was voted one of St. Louis’ best outdoor locations by the public in stl250’s “Cakeway to the West” contest, and the Center was awarded one of 250 fiberglass birthday cakes located throughout the region as part of the yearlong celebration of St. Louis’ 250th anniversary.

stl250 cake welcomes visitors.
The cake welcomes visitors.

Each cake was uniquely decorated by local artists, and ours was done by Maura Murphy-Pusateri.

Maura, the artist who decorated our cake, was kind enough to share a brief biography and some thoughts about her work:
My goal as an artist is to create: through spoken word, sculpture, sketching, discovering design concepts, and sharing my skills with others.
I enjoy process over the end form. Once I find the intent of my work, I use repetition and layering to reinforce this intent. I believe in putting in the effort and the hours to convey the intended imagery. I only stop when the environment or time won’t allow for more.

I explore the world through the process of recreating and redeveloping an image. The discovery of the why, how and what of the piece is guided by the who (me), as the artist.

Maura and stl250 cake
Education Coordinator Ashley Rearden and artist Maura Murphy-Pusateri with the cake before it was decorated. Maura painted the cake in the garage of her home.

My artistic personality derives from my studies, places of work, and a variety of people: art historians, artists and designers, my education at University of Denver, City University of London, the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, the University of Missouri-St. Louis, Washington University, time spent creating at a variety of studios, shops, galleries and creative firms. I have built skills while contributing to a community of creatives. This community keeps me informed, humble and motivated.

Currently a wife, mother of two, and working full-time at PGAV Destinations, I strive to secure time to create for myself. I am grateful for all who give support and who believe in my skills and vision.