We are excited to announce that we are planning for a new Education and Nature Center to meet our growing demand in educational programming.

We have secured the land, completed the architectural drawings and bids, and raised more than 48% of the necessary funds for construction of the building.

We invite you to partner with the Endangered Wolf Center by making a donation to help us begin construction in 2018. The building will serve as a much-needed venue for our onsite educational efforts.

Our Education Department provided programs to almost 45,000 people in 2017, an increase over 2016 (37,660) and continuing our growth trend (24,338 in 2013) in impact and numbers. Our education, tour and outreach goals are focused on providing STEM-aligned (K-12), curriculum-based, quality programs. Getting outdoors, hands dirty and immersed in nature will also continue to be an important element of our programs.