The Endangered Wolf Center team joined Coyote Peterson, Mario Aldecoa, and the whole Brave Wilderness team for a fun-filled week as they filmed a segment for their series, “Coyote Peterson’s Wild Field Trip.” This Youtube Originals production continues to push protections for our planet’s canid species by inspiring children – the future generation of conservationists.

Marlin & Carol Perkins

Coyote Peterson’s Filming at Endangered Wolf Center

Coyote reached out to long-time friend and EWC Director of Education Stephanie Arne, eager for an opportunity to share the important story of the American red wolf to his audience. Of course our team responded with a howling, “yes!”

The Brave Wilderness Youtube channel has more than 19 million subscribers and four billion views of videos that shine a spotlight on “unlovable” animals and follow Coyote’s exciting, educational adventures.


Arne said, “My favorite thing about Brave Wilderness is that they meet kiddos where they are and in a way others envy. They are ridiculously enthusiastic and entertaining, and they encourage curiosity in a fast-paced, engaging format kids love. Their programs help kids and adults alike better understand the importance of a healthy coexistence with eels, wasps, badgers, gators, and snakes in their backyards.”


Marlin & Carol Perkins

Film Crew and Stephanie Arne

Coyote Peterson with EWC Group

Fun memories: Coyote Peterson Crew at EWC

Coyote responded with, “A howling big thanks to the @endangeredwolfcenter for their incredible hospitality! It feels as if we have made a pack of friends for life. Be Brave, Stay Wild ❤️?”

The EWC spent a week filming with this fun, knowledgeable, and respectful team, and we hope you’ll share this episode with the kids and kids-at-heart in your life!

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