I am…a matriarch, in the true sense of the word. I am more playful and younger than my years. I am a survivor.

I am Madre.

Madre is the alpha female of the Saddle Pack, who was widowed while pregnant in the wild. She met a new mate and foster father to her pups named Bob. With his help, Madre raised five pups. The Saddle Pack was released back into the Gila Wilderness of New Mexico, where it was hoped they would help the species begin to recover.
Quickly accused of depredation and going outside the wolf recovery area, however, the pack instead became a target of hunters.

On two separate occasions, sharp-shooters were certain they had killed Bob, but returned to the site only to find he’d escaped. On one of those instances, his radio collar was shot off, but he miraculously survived, giving the species further hope. Yet the pack’s hope of reclaiming a home in the wild had come to an end.

A permanent removal order was issued, and the Saddle Pack returned to the Endangered Wolf Center. Here they were given a large natural enclosure with lots of vegetation, and purposefully kept a distance from visitors to help preserve their wild instincts and natural shyness of humans – measures intended to keep the animals safe should they be releasable one day.

Sadly, Bob passed away in 2011 due to a fast growing tumor surrounding his neck. The pack howled for several days after his passing, Madre a widow once more.

Despite all she’s been through, the 11-year old Madre and her pack remain strong. She may never return to the wild, but the wild will remain a part of her forever.

Madre is a wonderful wolf to adopt in honor of single and widowed moms, or for yourself or someone you know who, like Madre, has the tenacity to never give up.

On May 20, 2013, Madre, then paired with Perkins, gave birth to a healthy female pup who was later named Rogue.