The Endangered Wolf Center and Sweetology have partnered to develop our Cupcakes for Conservation campaign. A portion of every purchase from this line of delicious treats from Sweetology will help preserve and protect endangered wolves – animals essential to keeping ecosystems in balance.

Show you support wildlife and wild places. Order a set of Cupcakes for Conservation for yourself or as a gift, then please join us in our Howl for Wolves and Wildlife challenge on Facebook.

Learn more about the Endangered Wolf Center in our video:

Join our Facebook “Howl Out” Challenge

When you hear the howl of the wolf in the wild, you’re hearing nature return to harmony. That’s because wolves help keep entire ecosystems in balance.

Want to help? Then HOWL! Take the Endangered Wolf Center’s Howl for Wolves and Wildlife challenge on Facebook today. Here’s how:

  • Video your best HOOOOWL – and get creative. Howl with your kids, your dog, your co-workers, your teammates, whoever is part of your pack. Be sure to say you’re Howling for Wolves and Wildlife.
  • Post your video with a “Howl-out” challenge to friends and family to do the same.
  • Tags help even more: #HowlForWolves, #HowlForWildlife, #CupcakesForConservation, #EndangeredWolfCenter
  • Help us pass the word about Sweetology’s Cupcakes for Conservation.
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