Havoc & Carrie’s

Fox Family

Swift foxes

We have big personalities in cat-sized bodies – of course, we’re quick, but we’re also intelligent, eager to learn, and happen to be pawsome artists. 

Meet Havoc

When you walk through the world with a name like Havoc, exciting things are bound to follow. Swift foxes are charismatic with their alert, intelligent personalities and incredible physical abilities.  The species earned its common name from early Western settlers impressed by its speed and agility—the swift fox has been clocked at nearly 40 mph.  Considered the smallest of North America’s wild canids at just four to six pounds, the swift fox (Vulpes velox) is smaller than the average housecat.  

Havoc was born on May 11, 2012, in the first litter of swift fox kits to be born at the Endangered Wolf Center in more than 10 years. The swift fox release program had officially come to an end shortly before his birth thanks to the species’ steady increase in numbers and range in the wild.

Pioneering a training program

When Havoc was five weeks old, our Animal Care staff initiated a new, experimental training program involving Havoc and his family. From the beginning, it was clear he was going to shine brightly in his training, and today, Havoc is the superstar of our swift fox training program. Bold, curious, and mischievous, he quickly picks up on what his trainers want from him – then often looks for a way around it.

Havoc will often approach the fence line of the swift fox viewing area to investigate the visitors on the public tours, and he has delighted guests during Training Experiences with his remarkable skills and engaging personality.

swift fox

Havoc’s family grows

After gaining experience as an attentive big brother, Havoc became a wonderful father when his first litter was born in 2018. Having four kits gave Havoc the opportunity to selflessly provide for his family, delivering food to his kits and mate, Catherine, and standing guard to keep them safe.

After his mate passed away, Havoc was introduced to a new mate, Carrie, who came to us from Oklahoma Zoo. Though we were told that Carrie was the shyest of all her sisters (each named after country singers – Carrie after Carrie Underwood), Havoc helped her come out of her shell. She now enjoys our Training and Enrichment Experiences as much as Havoc!

Together they continue to steal the hearts of guests and have become quite accomplished artists, painting as part of their enrichment exercises. Havoc’s and Carrie’s big personalities will be fun for swift fox pack adopters to follow, and we hope that in the future they will have kits to shower with affection.

See how Havoc & Carrie spend Valentine’s Day

During Foxy Fun Encounters, visitors have the chance to go behind the scenes with our keepers as they train and care for our fox families. In this 30-minute, one-of-a-kind experience, guests will learn about our various fox species, their behaviors in the wild, the challenges they face, and our conservation efforts – all while the foxes play at their feet.

When you symbolically adopt our Swift Fox Family, you’ll receive updates about their family and more – learn about our adoption and membership to support the important conservation and education efforts of the Endangered Wolf Center.