Mexican Wolf

I am remembered as…a true alpha. A strong yet gentle leader, a great teacher. Stubborn and tough, I was a loving, devoted mate and father.

I am Picaron

Picaron, whose name means “rascal” in Spanish, was a magnificent Mexican gray wolf who came to the Endangered Wolf Center in 2002 with a history of food aggression, leading him to having trouble finding a mate. Members of the Mexican Gray Wolf Species Survival Plan© agreed that, if he was ever going to succeed, it would be here at the Endangered Wolf Center.

Immediately, his howl stood out. A deep, beautiful, baritone howl that rolled across the hills – one you could feel right down to your soul.

Here, Picaron finally met his match, a strong-willed Mexican gray wolf named Tanamara who had no trouble standing up to his bold, stubborn personality.

Their chemistry was instant, and over the years, the couple became lifelong, devoted mates. An ideal genetic match, they also substantially contributed to the survival of their species, delivering three litters of pups.

With Tanamara at his side, Picaron had overcome the challenges from his earlier years, and proved to be a gentle companion to her, as well as a distinguished alpha leader. And while some people think of “alpha male” as simply the dominant one in a pack, a true alpha like Picaron is a gentle leader, a great teacher and a kind but strong father, knowing that their success depends on the strength of their pack.

In 2009, after seven years together, tragedy struck when Tanamara passed away. Devastated by the loss of his beloved mate, Picaron howled for so long and so often that he permanently damaged his vocal cords. His life, and his magnificent howl, were never the same.

In March of 2012, nearing 15 years of age, Picaron lost a heroic battle with a severe spinal disease. As he breathed his final breath, every one of our wolves began to howl.

The legacy of this magnificent wolf lives on and you can support Mexican wolf conservation by symbolically adopting our Mexican wolf pack today.