African Painted Dog Conservation



Proudly Hosting the 2022 International African Painted Dog Conference

The Endangered Wolf Center is proud to host the 4th International African Painted Dog Conference this May, which brings together wildlife managers, biologists and zoo professionals from around the world to enhance the conservation efforts of African painted dogs in managed care and in the wild.

$20,000 Donation Match

African painted dogs are a vital species to ecosystem health, yet their numbers have dramatically declined across the African continent for decades due to human impact, habitat loss, disease, and lack of food sources.

Coordinating the conference is a huge undertaking, and we need your help to make it a success. As international authorities in innovative conservation techniques, we have a global responsibility to press onward in our mission, implement new strategies, and collaborate with our global partners.

We invite you to be part of this important work by making a donation. Your support impacts our ability to save species and keep the heart of the wild beating.

Thanks to Virgil & Sandra VanTrease and Kathy & Jim Snowden, your donation will be matched up to $20,000. We are truly grateful for your passionate involvement and generous support.

Mark Cross, Executive Director

Why painted dogs?

There are estimated to be fewer than 4,000 in the wild, making African painted dogs an endangered species

Family First

A painted dog’s social behavior is unique. Pack members spend about 80% of their time in close association with one another and if a pack-mate is ill, elderly, or injured, they will collectively care for them to ensure their survival.

Like wolves…

Fear and misunderstanding have been a major factor in their decline. So while on a different continent, their parallel stories indicate the urgency of their conservation.

Take Note of Our Appreciation

Please consider making a tax-deductible donation to support endangered African painted dogs.

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Thanks to Virgil & Sandra VanTrease and Kathy & Jim Snowden, every dollar donated through May 31, 2022 will be matched up to $20,000.

We appreciate your donation, whatever the amount!

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