I am…shy, quiet, strong. I am a survivor. I’ve overcome great challenges in my life with the kind of courage and resilience I hope to pass on to future generations.
I am Inapa.
The name Inapa (E’-nah-pah) is Lakota Sioux for “one who has overcome hardship.” Just three months after her birth on April 26, 2007, Inapa was found missing part of her leg. She was rushed to the St. Louis Zoo where she received world class veterinary care.

Unfortunately, her injuries put her at risk for infection and meant that her leg had to be amputated. While at the zoo for recovery, Inapa proved to be a fast healer and quick study. Already the young pup’s trademark resilience began to shine.

Inapa has a spirit that cannot be broken, and even with only three legs, nothing slows her down. We love that about her. She is an inspiration to us all here at the Endangered Wolf Center, and is a popular wolf to adopt in honor of anyone who has faced life’s challenges with similar grace and courage.

This stunning, lively red wolf is very shy of people – a valuable trait that serves wolves well in the wild but can make it difficult for visitors to spot her in her large enclosure.

Inapa likes to hide in the far back corner under a tree until everyone leaves the area, so that is the best place to spot her if you visit. Her coat color allows her to blend into the leaf litter on the ground so she is barely noticeable. Still, if you’re fortunate enough to watch her run, you’ll feel your own spirit soar watching her go.

In the summer of 2010, Inapa was paired with a handsome male red wolf, and although things looked promising, there were to be no pups in their first year together. Each spring brings new hope for future generations of these remarkable, stunning wolves.