Nina is no longer at the Endangered Wolf Center. For a list of currently adoptable animals, visit our adopt page.

Adopt Nina

I am…a bit shy, but my curiosity helps me push past that. I am from a kind known by few people.

I am Nina

Nina is a maned wolf who was born in the fall of 2009 at the Alexandria Zoo in Louisiana. She came to the Endangered Wolf Center the following summer as part of the Species Survival Plan.

Nina has a very distinct, shy and curious personality. But it’s fun to watch her come out of her shell when large groups come by, bravely heading down to the fence to check out what is going on. She is very food motivated, which causes her to roar-bark if she feels she has to wait too long for her breakfast.

Being motivated by food has meant that she has excelled in her training. Nina has been part of a husbandry training program ever since she arrived at the Center, but recently she has helped kick off a new era of training programs by participating in Training and Enrichment Experiences we offer to the public. Nina has been a star in these programs, readily coming to the front of the enclosure to greet visitors and savor the treats that come along with training and enrichment.

Nina has been the Center’s pioneer in a special aspect of training that provides a truly unique opportunity for our animals to reach out to the people who support the Center. Nina has begun to produce abstract paintings by placing her paw in a dab of paint and swiping it across a paper or canvas. Her paintings are whimsical and colorful, and clearly show her playful and curious personality.

Nina’s paintings can be found in our gift shop or can be specially ordered and you can decide from a wide array of colors to have Nina make a one of a kind painting just for you. An enthusiastic ambassador to her little-known species, Nina is an excellent animal to adopt and help us raise awareness for the rare, endangered maned wolf.