Join the Endangered Wolf Center for a free discussion on the world’s most endangered wolf, the American red wolf. With fewer than 20 red wolves in the wild today, the time is now to get involved in saving this species.

Special guests Dale Weiler and Loti Woods will join us to share their inspiring path to impacting conservation through art and how YOU can use your talents to help conserve endangered animals.

News & Education
First, you’ll hear breaking news from Regina Mossotti, Director of Animal Care and Conservation, about exciting news from our facility that will benefit red wolf conservation.

Then, you’ll learn a brief history of this misunderstood, overlooked animal and the incredible conservation efforts taking place to prevent extinction.

Joining us to inspire you to use your talents to benefit endangered animals is the passionate pair behind Weiler Woods for Wildlife. Using the art of sculpture and the written word, they’ve propelled conservation efforts and raised awareness about “underdogs” of the animal world, including the American red wolf.

This Wolf Awareness Week, we hope you will join us for this special, free event and gain the inspiration you need to protect wildlife and wild places.




Meet the Speakers


Regina Mossotti, a wildlife biologist, has been the Director of Animal Care and Conservation at the Endangered Wolf Center for almost 10 years. She has worked with both captive and wild carnivores for over 16 years, including capturing and collaring mountain lions in California to researching wolves in Yellowstone. She is currently the Vice Coordinator of the AZA American red wolf Species Survival Plan and sits on the management team for the Mexican wolf Species Survival Plan. She is also the Foster Advisor for the US Fish and Wildlife Service and Species Survival Plan foster efforts and is an expert in the field at this effort.



Dale Weiler and Loti Woods
Dale Weiler is a sculptor, engineer, Navy pilot, business consultant, and conservationist. Dale first touched stone in his late 40s and knew he was born to be a stone sculptor. His wildlife sculptures are in museums and zoos around the world.
“Just Settling In”, his sculpture of an American red wolf mom and her pup has been donated to over 25 red wolf conservation organizations throughout the country.
Loti Woods is a business owner, insurance broker, native plant gardener, and conservationist. After Loti sold her insurance brokerage firm, she moved to the foothills of North Carolina to be closer to nature and wildlife. One of her first conservation efforts was funding and helping plant three butterfly gardens in partnership with her local land conservancy.
Loti & Dale met at one of Dale’s art shows and it was love at first sight. After getting engaged in eight days in their late 60s, they looked at each other and said “what do we do now?”.
The answer was the creation of Weiler Woods for Wildlife to promote awareness and protection of misunderstood animals and their habitat. Using Dale’s sculptures and Loti’s blogs, they hope to inspire others to become conservationists for the underdogs.
To learn more about Weiler Woods for Wildlife, visit and join us for this special online event.