Join the Endangered Wolf Center and world-renowned biologist Dr. Greg Rasmussen for an educational, adventurous webinar that will transport you to the wilds of Africa to learn about the endangered African painted dog. Dr. Greg will share insight into their family dynamics, conservation techniques, and his first-hand experiences educating and researching this fascinating species. The cost per ticket is $25, which will directly support our pack of 15 African painted dogs that call the Endangered Wolf Center home. A portion of the proceeds will support the Painted Dog Research Trust to further conservation in the wild. Space is limited, so reserve your virtual seat today! About Our Speaker Dr. Greg Rasmussen began researching endangered African painted dogs in Zimbabwe in 1989 and has since become a world leader and expert in the study and conservation of painted dogs. Founder of Painted Dog Conservation and the Painted Dog Research Trust, Dr. Greg’s mission has evolved to encompass an innovative model of conservation that tackles ecological and socioeconomic issues that impinge on Africa’s most endangered predator. Meaningful conservation, achieved by the education of children and mentorship of young Zimbabwean and international university students, has proven successful with the national pack size doubling thanks to these dedicated efforts. Dr. Greg is a research associate and part-time lecturer at the University of Zimbabwe; he is also affiliated with the Wildlife Conservation Research Unit at Oxford University in the UK where he completed his Ph.D. He is unswerving in his commitment to conservation and to all who wish to become a part of saving nature.