The Lucky Number is One

Lucky’s Story
They grow up so fast! It was just one year ago that the Endangered Wolf Center welcomed maned wolf pup Lucky to our pack – and she’s been winning hearts ever since.


Her story is one of surviving and thriving. Born at Zoo Boise to a mother who was unable to raise her litter, Lucky was the only surviving pup. The EWC was asked to step in because of our experience fostering other species of canids, and at just two weeks old, Lucky flew home to St. Louis where she’s been raised as an animal ambassador for her species. (For the complete story of how Lucky came to live at the EWC, go to our Meet Lucky post.)

Today, with the collaboration of the Saint Louis Zoo veterinarian team, the Wildlife Rescue Center and the Animal Clinic of Clayton, at one year old, Lucky has grown from less than a pound to nearly 55 pounds and is thriving. And she’s already winning hearts with her dynamic personality. “She’s a strong pup,” says Regina Mossotti, Director of Animal Care and Conservation at the EWC. “She’s a fighter – a survivor. And very intelligent, too! She outsmarted her foster puppy brothers and sisters, figuring out puzzles much faster, and showing great curiosity, she loves to explore everything!”

Lucky Cute

Lucky’s unique situation and her sweet personality make her the perfect ambassador for her species. Never before has a maned wolf been available for an up close experience to educate the public about the plight of her unique species. Lucky and the staff at EWC are happy to tell her story, which is not only heartwarming, but an example of the critical conservation efforts at the EWC to help preserve and protect endangered species.

The Celebration
As is customary for families with babies turning one, the EWC is planning a birthday party for Lucky – not only to commemorate her first birthday, but to celebrate her survival! Of course, Lucky will make an appearance at her party, during which we’ll celebrate with a “cake” (one for Lucky and one more suitable for our guests!), birthday card and presents. There will also be party games, live music, photo opportunities, craft projects and more during the party.

Lucky 11-months

Lucky 11 months

The Details
The celebration is on Sunday, May 6 at 2 p.m. at the Endangered Wolf Center in Eureka, Missouri. Space is limited, so if you’d like to help us celebrate, give us a call today at 636-938-5900; reservations are $25/person.

Birthday Presents for Lucky
Can’t attend the party but you’d like to help? Visit our Amazon Wish List and send Lucky a birthday present! Or make a donation in honor of Lucky on our website or on GiveSTL Day, Tuesday, May 2 at A generous supporter of the EWC will match all donations!

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Regina and Lucky on plane

Regina & Lucky

About maned wolves

– The maned wolf is the tallest member of the canid family, but it is not a true wolf. It is in its own unique genus, and more closely related to an ancient canid.

– Maned wolves are nicknamed “fox on stilts” for their leggy build and fox-like features.

– This South American native roams a range extending from the Amazon in Brazil to the dry shrub forests of Paraguay and northern Argentina.

– Unlike most wolves, these gentle, timid animals typically live alone, except to breed.

– The maned wolf is threatened with extinction in its native habitat. This is due to loss of habitat—grasslands being converted to crops or grazing pastures.

– The introduction of dog diseases, and also a belief that some of its organs have medicinal healing powers have also led to maned wolf population decline.