4th International African Painted Dog Conference


The new date for the 4th Annual International African Painted Dog Conference is May 16-20,2022. Monday, May 16, 2022 will be an ice-breaker day. May 17-19 is the conference itself, the post-conference tour is May 20. 

The Endangered Wolf Center is proud to host the 4th International African Painted Dog Conference in 2022 (date TBD) at the Missouri Department of Conservation Powder Valley Conference Center. 

This conference brings together wildlife managers, biologists, conservationists and zoo professionals from around the world to enhance and improve the care of African painted dogs in managed care and to assist in field conservation in the wild.

African painted dogs are a vital species to ecosystem health, yet their numbers have dramatically declined across the African continent for the last several decades. The decline is due to poaching, accidental deaths (motor-vehicle strikes, caught in snares meant for other species, etc.), diseases transmitted by domestic dogs, habitat loss and lack of food resources.

The goal of this conference is to convene experts in the field with the focus of sharing knowledge, identifying conservation and research needs and working together to solve pressing issues to help save this endangered species.

Keynote Speaker: Chris Johns


Prior to receiving a Pollner Professorship at the University of Montana’s School of Journalism, Chris Johns was the National Geographic Beyond Yellowstone Program Leader.  Before that role, he served as Chief Content Officer, overseeing the expression of National Geographic’s editorial content across various media platforms. He was the ninth Editor-in-Chief of National Geographic magazine from January 2005 to April 2014. During his editorship Johns’ focus on excellence in photography, cartography and reporting was recognized with 63 nominations resulting in 23 National Magazine Awards from the American Society of Magazine Editors.  In 2008 Johns was named Magazine Editor of the Year and in 2011 National Geographic was named Magazine of the Year. 

Johns became a National Geographic contract photographer in 1985 and joined the magazine staff in 1995. As a photographer, he produced more than 20 articles for National Geographic, eight of which were cover stories. His defining images are of Africa. He has taken readers down the Zambezi River, examined the Bushmen’s ongoing struggle for cultural survival and provided important documentation of Africa’s endangered wildlife, including African wild dogs. He was named one of the world’s 25 most important photographers by American Photo magazine in 2003.

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Early bird registration by April 9th, 2021 is $175 and $215 after April 20th, 2020.
With the purchase of one full-price ticket, you will be admitted to the entire conference from May 10th through May 13th.



Saint Louis International Lambert Airport
10701 Lambert International Blvd, St. Louis, MO 63145
Code: STL
Phone: (314) 890-1333



Your hotel room also needs to be booked by April 9th to guarantee the group discount and room availability. If you need transportation to and from the conference, it can only be provided if you are staying at one of the three hotels listed below.


The two preferred hotels are:

Drury Inn

5 Lambert Drury Place 

Valley Park, MO 63088 

Phone: (636) 861-8300


Hampton Inn

9 Lambert Drury Place 

Drury Dr, Manchester, MO 63088 

Phone: (636) 529-9020 



If the above preferred hotels are booked, please use this hotel: 

Drury Inn

1088 S Hwy Dr, 

Fenton, MO 63026 

Phone: (636) 343-7822



Tentative Itinerary:

Day 1

11:30am-3pm Pre-conference tour at the Saint Louis Zoo: behind-the-scenes tour of the carnivore unit and AZA’s Reproductive Management Center.

6pm-8:30pm – Icebreaker at the Missouri Botanical Garden’s Sophia M. Sachs Butterfly House.

Day 2-3

International African Painted Dog Conference (being held in the Missouri Department of Conservation Powder Valley Conference Center).

Day 4

Final presentations and African Painted Dog Species Survival Plan Meeting.

Day 5

9am-12pm – Post-conference tour at the new Saint Louis Aquarium at Union Station. 



“The Center is honored to be chosen to host this prestigious conference,” stated Virginia Busch, the Endangered Wolf Center’s CEO. “A big part of our mission is to provide opportunities to share best practices, collaborate, and to encourage solution-driven methods to better conserve endangered canids.”

The Endangered Wolf Center has been part of the Association of Zoo’s and Aquarium’s African Painted Dog Species Survival Plan (SSP) since 2003. The Center’s Director of Animal Care and Conservation, Regina Mossotti, is a member of the African Painted Dog SSP Management Committee. The EWC recently celebrated two litters born in November 2018, just four days apart, totaling 23 pups.

In collaboration with Dr. Tammy Cloutier of Antioch University, the EWC conducted ground-breaking research on how nutrition affected pup development with these two litters. Not only does the Endangered Wolf Center assist with the breeding program and conduct research to grow the scientific community’s knowledge, the Center also assists conservation through public education programs. Through the EWC’s educational programs, including live webcams, the Center raises awareness to spur conservation action for this endangered species.


Call for Papers:
The 2022 International African Painted Dog Conference will be held in Saint Louis, Missouri, Date TBD, hosted by the Endangered Wolf Center. Attendees will be able to attend all presentations.

Submit Your Proposal Today!

The International Painted Dog Conference Program Committee is accepting abstracts/proposals for the 2022 Conference.

Deadline extended! A few of our presenters asked for an extension, so we are opening the extension to all. Please submit your presentation or poster abstract by March 8th, 2021 to Tracy Rein, [email protected].

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