Meet our Pack

Meet our adoptable wolves, our endangered species, our staff and our inspiring founders, beloved wildlife expert Marlin Perkins and his wife Carol.

Help our Flood Recovery

The Endangered Wolf Center experienced the worst flash flood in its history on Monday morning, causing extensive erosion and damage to habitats. Please help us repair these damages to ensure the safety of our animals. We do remain open for tours.

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Meditation with Wolves

Deepen your mindfulness and awareness of nature with an experiential meditation session led by PALM Health in the stunning open-air environment of the Endangered Wolf Center.

Click here or feel free to contact the Endangered Wolf Center for more details

Our Vision

Our vision is a world where endangered wolves and other wild canids exist and thrive in their native habitats, recognized and valued for their vital roles as leading members of a healthy ecosystem.

Our Mission

To preserve and protect Mexican wolves, red wolves and other wild canid species, with purpose and passion, through carefully managed breeding, reintroduction and inspiring education programs.

Get Involved

Adopt a wolf or an endangered species, help sponsor our events or make a donation. Plus, join our pack as a volunteer or as an individual, corporate or Conservation Society member.