Ried & Aster Pack

American red wolf

With three rambunctious boys, Ried and Aster are patient parents and quite the red wolf power couple.

Meet Our Pack

A dainty, alert female, Aster made up her mind quickly about her future mate, Ried. In an effort to offer Aster the choice of a mate, something that would occur naturally in the wild, the EWC introduced her to both Ried and his brother, RJ. After closely observing them in 2020, keepers realized that Aster had chosen Ried, and the next spring, Aster began spending more and more time in her den – a telling sign of pregnancy.

Keepers were fortunate that Aster chose the den with a camera in it, enabling them to keep an eye on her progress throughout labor, ensuring her and her pups’ well-being while maintaining a healthy distance. Aster prepared the den for her future puppies, digging a small, cozy depression in one corner for comfort. These kinds of behaviors are a strong indicator of a successful mother. At 3 a.m. on May 17, 2021, Aster gave birth to her first puppy, and over the next several hours produced two more – three boys. 

Since then Aster has become a wonderful mother and Ried an excellent, watchful father. The three boys grew bolder and more curious, digging and playing from sun up to sun down.

Get to know their pack in this video update

These youngsters are grown up now and have stayed together as a family pack. You can see a strong family resemblance in the pups’ faces to their mother. In the future, we hope that they can contribute to the growing population of red wolves. 


Why red wolves need your support

This rare species is critically endangered. Currently, there are fewer than 30 known red wolves left in the wild, occupying less than 1% of their original range.  Red wolves can now only be found in a small area in North Carolina called Alligator River National Wildlife Refuge. As the only large carnivore that is solely endemic to the United States, (meaning they cannot be found anywhere else in the world) they are truly a national treasure.  But most people don’t even know this American icon even exists, let alone that it is on the brink of extinction. That is why your adoption of our red wolf pack is so important; your support is vital in our work to save this species and spread awareness about this beautiful wolf.

Your symbolic adoption of this pack of American red wolves will support their care and help us continue to work towards a world where endangered wolves thrive in their native habitats and are recognized for their vital roles as leading members of a healthy ecosystem.