Jager & Daisy’s

Fox Family

Fennec foxes

We might be two-pound attention hounds but don’t underestimate our resilience. We can survive some of the harshest conditions on the planet and look darn cute while doing so.

There’s small but mighty, and then there’s mighty small. Fennec foxes happen to be both. Meet Daisy and Jager, two of the world’s smallest canid species, found mostly in northern Africa and the Sahara Desert. This half-pint predator weighs in at only two pounds and a few ounces, fully grown.

Meet Daisy

Daisy was born at the Saint Louis Zoo on April 4, 2015. She came to us when the Zoo invited us to join the Fennec Fox SSP (Species Survival Plan); Jager joined her in 2022 from Cincinnati Zoo. Here their home includes an elaborate indoor habitat as well as the largest outdoor fennec fox habitat in the United States.

Daisy charms everyone she meets with her big personality and expressive dark eyes and is an excellent ambassador for her species. All that charm packed into such a cute little package, however, is part of what makes fennec foxes and other “cute” wild animals victims of the illegal pet trade. 

swift fox

Small ambassadors that teach big lessons

Daisy and Jager remind us of the resilience of the animal kingdom, even in the harshest of environments like the Sahara, and despite their amazing adaptations, how completely vulnerable they can be to dangers imposed by humans. 

These curious, intelligent bundles of personality also remind us that when it comes to standing up for wildlife, none of us can afford to play small anymore. We each have the power to be mighty indeed. Let that power bloom.

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