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We thank the Donald Slavik Family Foundation for generously funding our webcams.

On November 16, Shaba gave birth to 13 African painted dog puppies. Haka is the proud father of all of them!

Our webcams help spread awareness across the world, as people watch the family working together to help the pups grow to be strong and healthy – goals similar to our own family structures. Making these connections can last a lifetime and encourages conservation action for this endangered species.

African painted dogs have an extremely fast metabolism and require a lot of food when they’re growing. Our puppies consume 10 pounds of food per day. That is 3,650 pounds of food in one year, costing $83,950!

For $30, you can help provide a full set of vaccines for two puppies! $60 helps four puppies and $150 will help 10 puppies!

Shaba’s Den

Shaba’s Den Skyview

Mexican Wolf Habitat

African Painted Dog Den