Discover a delightful window into a world rarely seen outside of the wild.

We thank the Donald Slavik Family Foundation for generously funding our webcams. 

Since 2012, “virtual visitors” have been able to observe some of the animals here doing what they do when no one is watching. Naturally shy around humans, wolves are more anxious and guarded when they know people are watching them. Thanks to our webcams, we get to see these amazing animals at play, at rest and at large in their spacious habitats. If you’re lucky, you might also tune in just in time to hear them howl.

While we recognize the value of enabling children and animal lovers around the world to watch what happens at our leading facility, the cost to subscribe to this webcam service is high. If you would like to consider becoming a sponsor, please contact us. Your name or company logo would be displayed on this page to recognize your generous support.

Meanwhile, tune in and enjoy nature in its natural state.

The images on these webcams are exclusive property of the Endangered Wolf Center and may not be used without express written consent of the Center. 

The first camera offers a view of the habitat of Shaba and her 13  pups who were just born.

Shaba’s Den

Shaba’s Den Skyview

Shaba’s African Painted Dog Habitat

Akili’s Den

Akili and Haka’s African Painted Dog Habitat