Virtual Visits With our Animal Ambassadors

The Endangered Wolf Center is bringing our cute, cuddly and scaled Animal Ambassadors into your home! Virtually, that is.

New Program: Virtual Meet & Greets with an Animal Ambassador

During this special virtual session, you and your household will have the chance to ask questions, see our animals up-close, and chat with our amazing animal keepers.

You’ll learn all about the loving relationships built between our staff and the animals in our Ambassador Program.

Plus, you’ll see an exclusive close up look at their unique features – have you ever seen a maned wolf’s bright and beautiful fur?

Or a fennec fox’s cute little paw?

This experience will be tailored to your interest and your questions. It’s a perfect way to get your kids involved in a bio-fact or two. Get your science fix for the day by booking now. We can’t wait to talk to you!

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Virtual Meet & Greet sessions will last about 30 minutes on a virtual meeting platform.

You can choose between a public or private Meet & Greet session. During a public Virtual Meet & Greet, up to 5 groups from different households will be able to join in the chat with our animal care staff, and you’ll take turns asking questions to learn more about our Animal Ambassadors.

During a private Virtual Meet & Greet, only one group from one household will have access to the virtual meeting for the opportunity to ask as many questions as you want.

All Virtual Meet & Greet sessions will be followed up with an Animal Ambassador fun fact worksheet for continued learning, along with a 10% discount coupon to visit us when we open.


Meet our Animal Ambassadors!



Lucky is the only maned wolf Animal Ambassador in the world! She is a true superstar, featured on many local TV stations, as well as the Today Show in New York. Lucky enjoys long walks around the Center, and meeting new people. Schedule this truly one of a kind experience today.

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$15/group for a public session, $75/group for a private session


Marvelous Mammals

Daisy is our Saharan princess who is as sweet as she can be. She may be tiny, but she is full of love! Daisy has been in our Ambassador program the longest, so she’s an expert at Meet & Greets, and she can’t wait to meet you.



Book a Marvelous Mammal

$12/group for a public session, $60/group for a private session


Scaly Stars


Pheobe, Minya, and Pickle are three-toed box turtles. When they aren’t busy meeting visitors, these three “sisters” enjoy adventures around the office and exploring their newly built outdoor habitat. Each one has a unique personality and a fascinating history. Find out more during a virtual visit.

Clay is one of our most adventurous Animal Ambassadors. He loves to explore his habitat by climbing the trees, digging tunnels, and even hanging out in his hammock. See what fun he’s up to today by booking your virtual visit with Clay.

Book a Scaly Star

$10/group for a public session, $50/group for a private session