Enrichment Experience

Enrichment Experience

In order to properly sanitize between programs, we will only be offering a limited number of Private Tours per day, to a limited number of guests per program.

Tossing a tennis ball with your family dog does more than build a bond. As members of the canid family, a domestic dog’s intelligence stays sharp and his senses alert through stimulation, problem-solving, walks filled with scents to explore and, of course, the universal language of play.

The Enrichment Experience at the Endangered Wolf Center gives visitors the rare opportunity to help provide the animals in our care with a similar kind of exercise and stimulation.

Participants watch up-close as members of our Animal Care team toss bones, ice blocks packed with rewards inside and various scented objects into the habitats of one of our species for them to investigate and explore, encouraging these natural behaviors. This program is usually purchased as an add-on experience and does not include a tour of the rest of our animals.

Since they don’t have miles of territory to hunt and patrol like they would in the wild, such enrichment opportunities are an important part of their care and well-being.

This 30-minute experience is offered at 3 p.m. on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays. Call 636-938-5900 for reservations.

$20 Adult, $18 Child (4-14) non-member
$18 Adult, $16 Child (4-14) EWC member


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