Animal Trainer Experience

Animal Trainer Insider

In order to properly sanitize between programs, we will only be offering a limited number of Private Tours per day, to a limited number of guests per program.

Most animal lovers weren’t fortunate enough to meet that rare guidance counselor in high school who had ever heard of the term “animal trainer” or there’d be a lot fewer of us working desk jobs.

Yet it takes much more than a passion for wildlife to bridge the language barrier between our species. A good animal trainer has the patience to connect through the languages that are universal to all members of the animal kingdom, including ourselves. Languages like play, trust, companionship and love.

This type of communication forms the foundation for the encouragement-based training philosophy we use here at the Endangered Wolf Center. Training is important because it helps make it possible for our animal care staff and veterinarians to do their jobs more safely and easily through the willing participation of the animals. Training is also part of our animals’ enrichment program, since it allows them to be stimulated and positively rewarded for their cooperation.

Join us for an inside look at how our animal care staff helps train some of our animal family during this insightful tour. This program is meant as an add-on, includes one species of our animals, and does not include a tour of the rest of the facility.

This 30-minute training experience is offered at 11:00 a.m. on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays. Call 636-938-5900 for reservations.

$20 Adult, $18 Child (4-14) non-member
$18 Adult, $16 Child (4-14) EWC member