Summer Camps

Summer Camp

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Spend your summer in the wild! Learn about Mexican wolves, red wolves, maned wolves, swift foxes, fennec foxes, African painted dogs, and more. The Endangered Wolf Center offers full-day, themed summer camp for ages six through twelve, but don’t forget to check out camp offerings for preschoolers and teenagers!

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If registering for multiple sessions please use the green “Online Registration” button to book completely online. If registering for a single session please use the orange registration buttons under each session description. If you need assistance with the Online Registration, please call the office at 636-938-5900, or email Danna, Camp Director: [email protected]

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Summer Pup Camp 2020 (ages 4-5)

Grow, Grow, GROW!
Offered June 29th-June 30th
Summertime is when our pups are bright – eyed and ready to investigate the world around them– not to mention that they’re growing like weeds! Have a blast exploring, playing, and learning new things alongside our expanding animal family.

Pup Camp is 9 a.m. to noon on Monday and Tuesday.

Tuition is $65/camper + $60/additional camper of the same family
                  $55/member + $50/additional camper of the same family

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Summer Wolf Camp 2020 (ages 6-12)

Fairy Tails
Offered June 8th-12th & July 6th-10th
Focus on… ART! Let your inner artist shine, and join us as we rewrite the fairy-tales and folklore of furry tails! Build, act, design, and enchant your stories to life in this fun-filled week of art creation.

Offered June 15th-19th & July 13th-17th
Focus on… ADVENTURE! Travel, track & trot around the globe to discover unique animals and the incredible adaptations they use to survive. Dig deep into the wondrous world of wolves, and unearth the navigation techniques of humans and canids alike.

Offered June 22nd-26th
Focus on… SCIENCE! Unleash your inner field biologist and sniff out how stuff works in the wild, big and small. Get up close with the smallest creatures and hone your scientific observation skills while surrounded by two thousand acres of awe-inspiring natural research land. Join us as we take a deep look at all things natural science and zoom in to turn micro into macro– all the better to inspect!

Wolf Camp is 9 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. on Monday through Friday.
After care (ending promptly at 5 p.m.) is available upon request.

Tuition is $225/camper + $205/additional camper of the same family
                  $205/member + $185/additional member of the same family

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Summer Teen Camp 2020 (ages 13-15)

Offered July 20th-23rd + camp-out into Friday the 24th

Strap up your boots and explore the powerful trio that is science, art, and nature. Collaborate with professional scientists, get hands-on experience, and tackle challenging projects with your peers. You’ll also have the opportunity to discover your unique sense of place, connect with conservation, and help us cultivate lasting change for the entire biosphere.

Teen Camp is 9 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. on Monday through Thursday.
After care (ending promptly at 5 p.m.) is available upon request.
The overnight is from 6:30 p.m. on Thursday to 8:30 a.m. on Friday.

Tuition is $225/camper + $205/additional camper of the same family
                  $205/member + $185/additional member of the same family

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For more information, call the Center at 636-938-5900
or email Danna, Camp Director: [email protected]

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