Boy Scouts

In order to properly sanitize between programs, we will be offering a limited number of Private Tours per day, to a limited number of guests per program.

The Endangered Wolf Center is a great place to bring your scouts and immerse them in a rare learning experience. We’re proud to offer fun, high-quality educational programs that help your young animal and nature lovers qualify for merit badges.

Programs are offered daily except Tuesdays from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. Reservations are required. Each program is offered at a rate of $8 per scout, parent and siblings, and up to 2 troop leaders are free. Please note there is a minimum non-refundable $120 fee required to schedule a program, which covers 15 tickets and 2 adult chaperones free. $6/ per person for additional participants (once capacity increases). Please note, programs with tours around the animal habitats may be altered in the Spring to accommodate the arrival of puppies.

Private Evening Programs are offered Wednesday through Saturday evenings at a rate of $20 per scout, parent and sibling, with 2 free troop leaders.  Please plan on bringing your own water and food to cook over the fire, otherwise check our calendar for public evening programs.

For more information please contact:
[email protected]

Requirements: 1, 2 and 4g
Duration: 2 hours

Through a specialized education program and slide show, scouts will learn what distinguishes a mammal from all other animals, how the animal kingdom is classified and the stages of the food chain. A tour to see some of our endangered animals is included.

Requirements: 3c
Duration: 2 hours

Learn all about the five endangered canids in our care here at the Endangered Wolf Center. Scouts will be given all the information needed to write a simple life history of one of these animals. A tour to get to see these animals is included. Each scout will need to bring paper and pen to take notes during presentation.

Requirement: 5

Scouts will be given the opportunity to complete a conservation project for the Endangered Wolf Center that will directly impact our animals. Please call for ideas and more information.

Requirement: 1, 3 and 6a
Duration: 2 hours

Learn about the wildlife management of the Endangered Wolf Center and hear how everyone can help conserve and care for wildlife and wild places, starting in your own backyard. While on a tour of the wolves and other animals here, scouts will have the opportunity to observe five of the most endangered and unique canids in the world.

Requirements: 2 and 3
Duration: 2 hours

Scouts will discuss how plants are important to animals. They will also find out about food chain and build a 4-step land and 4-step water food chain. Tour of animals included.

Requirement: 4b
Duration: 2 hours

Scouts will identify three of our wild canids. They will also make a plaster cast of a wild mammal. Tour of animals included.

Private Campfire Howls

$400 deposit ($17 per adult, $14 per child)

2 hours

This popular evening program is a fun and educational opportunity to listen to unique, entertaining stories about wolves around an outdoor campfire. Then a half-mile (round trip) walk along Howl Road will lead you to an area near the animal enclosures, in which you and your group will howl like a wolf – and they may just talk back! The evening closes with delicious hot chocolate and cookies and an opportunity to browse our gift shop.  This program is available Wednesday through Sunday evenings. For more information, contact [email protected]