2017 Specialty Event Howls

The Endangered Wolf Center has a wide variety of howls in its evening events lineup.

Check out the Events Calendar for a complete list and details of all the evening events. Call 636-938-5900 for more information or to make reservations.

Large groups can even reserve a private specialty howl for just them on Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday nights.

All of the evening programs begin at 7 p.m. Guests should arrive at 6:45 p.m.

Family friendly howls are $15 for adults and $12 for children ages 4 to 14.

Wine and cheese howls are $22 per person.

Foxy Friday howls are $25 per person.

Reservations are required for all evening events, as well as for the Center’s public and private daytime tours. Reservations are easily made by calling 636-938-5900.

Specialty Event Howls

A small processing fee will be added for online booking, or you may call 636-938-5900 to book directly. Learn more about booking options.

Here’s the lineup of evening wolf howls for 2017:

7- Campfire Howl
21- Family Friendly Fox Howl

4- Campfire Howl
11- Valentine’s Day Wine and Chocolate Howl*
25- Family Friendly Fox Howl

4- Campfire Howl
10- Campfire Howl
18- Family Friendly Fox Howl
24- Foxy Friday*
25- Campfire Howl
31- Campfire Howl

28- Fennec Fox Movie Night (no howl)

5-Cinco de Mayo* (fennec foxes, no howl)
26- Fennec Fox Movie Night (no howl)

24- Family Friendly Fox Howl

7- Foxy Friday*
22- Family Friendly Fox Howl

4- Foxy Friday*
26- Family Friendly Fox Howl

2- Campfire Howl
16- Family Friendly Fox Howl
22- Foxy Friday*
30- Campfire Howl

7- Campfire Howl
13- Oktoberfest Beer & Brats Howl*
27- Campfire Howl
28- Howl-o-Ween Howl

3- Foxy Friday*
4- Campfire Howl
18- Family Friendly Fox Howl
25- Campfire Howl

9- Campfire Howl
15- Foxy Friday*
23- Campfire Howl

*indicates a 21+ event