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Volunteer Spotlight: Michelle Steinmeyer

Michelle Steinmeyer’s first encounter with the Endangered Wolf Center was at a school outreach program when she was in the eighth grade. Years later, in February 2007, she began her volunteer service at the Endangered Wolf Center.

Michelle Steinmeyer crop (1)Michelle considers being at the Center her “de-stressor,” as it involves being outdoors and around animals. “There is nothing like the howl of a wolf,” she says. Michelle is known for leading tours, hosting Wolf Howls and being a photographer for events at the Center.

Michelle is quite fond of the African painted dogs based on their “life is play” antics. She also is fond of Mexican wolf Anna, or the “chick in charge” as Michelle lovingly calls her, because of her large personality.

Outside of volunteering at the Endangered Wolf Center,Michelle can be found hiking, kayaking, biking or camping. She also has a passion for photography, as can be seen by the many photos she has taken for the Center, and travel, which she does both for work and for pleasure.

Michelle’s favorite memory from volunteering at the Endangered Wolf Center has been all the friends that she has made over the years. Several of the volunteers have taken wolf-themed trips together all over the country, and Michelle has been the planner for several of those trips.

Michelle says, “Wolves, as an apex predator, serve a vital role in the ecosystem and it’s important to preserve them.” Michelle is an experienced and expert Docent volunteer at the Endangered Wolf Center and we are very grateful for her passion and dedication to saving the wolf and furthering our mission.