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Rachel Broom

I am… a mother of two, married to my high school sweetheart. I’m a team player, who’s competed in the Navy Women’s Dragonboat team in Okinawa. I’m a reader. A climber who has summitted Mount Fuji. Driven by a passion for animals and the environment, today my work is focused on saving endangered animals and the ecosystems that depend on them. It’s a mountain I climb with conviction and confidence.

Hi, I’m Rachel

As a child, Rachel Broom’s best friend was her Weimaraner, Bert. This early bond was the beginning of a lifetime of interest in animals and animal welfare that would lead her to the Endangered Wolf Center.

Rachel’s summers were spent in Southern California working as a veterinarian’s assistant where she discovered the joy of seeing sick animals mend and reunited with their loved ones.

An opportunity to work with Save The Sea Lions was all she needed to decide that working with wildlife and in particular endangered animals is what she wanted to do.

In college, Rachel discovered that she did very well in business classes and she decided she should combine her interest in animals with her business skills.

While working on her master’s in Public Administration with a focus on Nonprofit Administration, she began her career at the Saint Louis Zoo working on its capital campaign to renovate a third of the zoo grounds.

On completing her masters, Rachel left the zoo for the challenge of starting the Development Department at the Endangered Wolf Center. Here, every day, she combines her business knowledge with her passion for helping endangered animals.


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