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Travis & Regina Mossotti

Travis assisting his wife Regina, a biologist, while she was catching and collaring mountain lions (the mountain lion in the photo was asleep) in the red wood forests of California

Travis Mossotti

Hi I’m Travis

Travis Mossotti has been the Poet-in-Residence at the Endangered Wolf Center since 2012. Before coming to the Center, Mossotti worked and volunteered over the last decade alongside with U.S. government, university and nonprofit organizations on data collection, animal captures/ releases and lab work for various endangered species recovery efforts all across North America. In his role as Poet-in-Residence, Mossotti performs dozens of educational outreach events at schools, libraries and universities in the region and across the country each year.

Mossotti was featured presenter in 2016 TEDx Gateway Arch where he gave a talk about Finding Our Place through poetry, and he recently served as a 2015 Regional Arts Commission Artist Fellow. His latest collection of poems Field Study won the 2013 Melissa Lanitis Gregory Poetry Prize (Bona Fide Books, 2014). The book explores American landscapes impacted by the predator control programs of the 19th and 20th centuries—programs whose bloody campaigns devastated carnivore populations in nearly every corner of the country. Mossotti’s accounts are poems of reportage as he embeds himself and takes the reader through a variety of experiences with recovery programs and field research on mountain lions, gray, red and Mexican wolves, cataloging the tenuous relationship of their return to their native ecosystems.

Mossotti’s first collection of poems, About the Dead (USU Press, 2011), was awarded the 2011 May Swenson Poetry Award by contest judge Garrison Keillor. He has also published two chapbooks, and recent examples of his poems have appeared in issues of the Antioch Review, Beloit Poetry Journal, Poets & Writers Magazine, Southern Review, and elsewhere. He teaches in the writing program at Webster University and works for the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Research at Washington University.

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