Meet our Pack

Tracy Rein
Lead Animal Keeper / Registrar

I am… a wife and mom to two wonderful sons, two cats and a dog. I’m a lover of all animals with a special place in my heart for endangered species. I’ve worn many hats here at the Center. Now, as lead animal keeper,  I’m living my dream, working with the Mexican gray wolf and red wolf recovery programs, helping save and return endangered species back into the wild.

Hi, I’m Tracy

“We are not just saving the wolves, we are restoring entire ecosystems!”

There’s probably never been a time in Tracy’s life when animals weren’t on her mind. From childhood dreams of becoming a veterinarian or zookeeper to earning a biology degree from Truman State, this wife and mother of two sons, two cats and one dog has wanted to help endangered animals.

Hired as an Administrative Assistant in 1997 Tracy has worn many hats at the Center… bookkeeper, membership program head, and even gift shop manager. And since 2007, she has been a full time Animal Keeper, working with the Mexican gray wolf and red wolf recovery programs, saving endangered species and getting them back out into the wild.

A member of AZA, AAZK (American Association of Zookeepers), and ZRA (Zoological Registrars Association), Tracy attended her first AAZK conference in 2012, focusing on the African painted dog husbandry workshop. She has volunteered to head up the local AAZK chapter’s Sponsor and Exhibitor committee in planning the AAZK National Conference for 2015, which will be held in Saint Louis. She has proudly represented the Endangered Wolf Center at Red Wolf SSP meetings and a Fox Husbandry workshop, and has assisted in planning three international Mexican Wolf Training workshops held at the Center. Tracy is also the AZA’s Species Survival Plan Coordinator for the swift fox program.



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