Meet our Pack


Sarah Holaday
Animal Keeper

 I am…a daughter, a sister, and an owner of a crazy orange tabby and two goldfish. Usually, you can find me drinking a latte in a coffee shop while reading a book. I have a hunger for learning new things, especially when it relates to animals. I spent my entire childhood reading about animals, that now I am lucky enough to care for. Today, my passion is my profession, and I’ve dedicated my life to animal conservation – starting at the top, with nature’s endangered top predators.

Hi, I’m Sarah.

Sarah Holaday has a B.S. in Biology from Florida State University. She was also a member of Tri Beta Biological Honors Society and graduated with honors. While attending college, she volunteered at a local wildlife rehabilitation center and horse hospital.

Her previous experience includes working as a caretaker at The Wildcat Sanctuary (preparation, no doubt, for the tabby who now shares her home…), and interning at Naples Zoo and Turpentine Creek Wildlife Refuge. She has assisted in developing animal training and enrichment programs, building large carnivore enclosures and has helped with many types of veterinary procedures.

Sarah loves learning new things, and has taken on critical work involving the Species Survival Plans in which the Endangered Wolf Center partners. She also loves interacting with the Center’s guests, helping spread awareness about the critically endangered species in our care.

While working among the wolves in her current role, Sarah admits she often finds herself stopped in her tracks, captivated by their calls, or caught up in the sound of the wind and the songbirds in the woods of our 63 secluded acres. It’s in those moments that she’s in awe of how her life has brought her here, right where she belongs. It’s a dedication and passion you’ll see and feel from the moment you meet her.


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