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Rachel CrosbyRachel Crosby
Animal Keeper

I am…an insatiable learner. A keeper of the animals in our care, with a passion for sharing all I can about them. I grew up in a large family. I love that my job helps animal families, too.

Hi, I’m Rachel.

“If it doesn’t fit in an aquarium, it’s not coming home.” That was the pet policy Rachel heard from her parents growing up in a family of seven. While the animals she looked after in her early years were mostly gerbils and fish, her passion for animals wasn’t about to be contained.

On her aunt’s dairy farm in Southern Missouri, she found a place and a purpose that freed her soul. Whether she was bottle-feeding baby calves, tossing hay off the back of a trailer for cattle or helping around on the farm, being in the company of animals and caring for them was becoming very much a part of her.

By high school, Rachel was already volunteering at the Wildlife Rescue Center in Ballwin, MO. In college, she returned as a summer intern, a position that taught her how to care for wild animals while still keeping them wild, so that they could thrive when they were returned after their rehabilitation.

While working on her Biology major at the University of Missouri in Columbia, she learned about the MU Horse Farm, where she became a volunteer. She advanced in her work and began training foals how to walk and take behavioral cues from riders and trainers. She also worked with young horses to help them build fun, positive relationships with their human companions.

Additional internships took her from working with sharks and stingrays at the Saint Louis Zoo, to horses in Wisconsin, to learning animal husbandry at the Fossil Rim Wildlife Center in Texas, and finally back to Missouri where she became keeper working with the Saint Louis Zoo’s Antelope Department.

Life had brought Rachel full circle (minus the gerbils and fish), and finally led her here to the Endangered Wolf Center as a full-time Animal Keeper, where working with wolves and other wild canids sends her spirit soaring.


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