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Kelsey Rumley

Kelsey Rumley
Special Programs Coordinator

I am…an educator, a leader and a dreamer. I love fantasy books, and can talk about Harry Potter or Lord of the Rings all day. I also love wildlife photography, and love to take photos of people connecting with nature. The call of the wild has always been in my heart.

Hi, I’m Kelsey

As a child, Kelsey spent her days immersed in encyclopedias and books, learning all she could about animals around the world. It’s a passion she took with her to college, graduating with a Bachelor of Science degree in Wildlife Biology from Missouri State University.

During her college years, Kelsey worked at an outdoor conservation leadership camp. There she helped educate and inspire high school students to give back to their communities through conservation projects.

Kelsey’s experience with conservation grew when she was hired as a bird banding assistant at Missouri State University, where she jokes that she spent the next couple of summers “waking up with the birds.” There she learned to collect valuable population and migration data for both resident species and neotropical migrating birds.

Kelsey followed her passion to the Amazon Rainforest in Brazil, where she learned about the diverse species of birds and other wildlife living there.

In 2017, Kelsey moved to St. Louis to work at the Saint Louis Zoo as an educational interpreter. There, she enjoyed interacting with the public and sharing her passion for wildlife with all of the guests during the many tours, animal talks, and special programs she led. She became a member of our pack the following year, where she continues to pursue a passion for helping guests connect with the endangered animals in our care.


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