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Erin Harms

Erin Harms

I am…a nature lover and an explorer of worlds, both real and fantastical. I love reading and learning about animals and natural phenomena, but an also a big fan of fantasy and science fiction. One of the things that drew me to wolves was all the mythology surrounding them – and the myths that need to be broken. Now I get to help teach people the true nature of this beautiful and misunderstood predator.

Hi, I’m Erin

You could say Erin Harms inherited her love of nature and animals. Her early years were spent exploring the 65-acre woods where she was raised in central Missouri. It was there that her grandfather shared his passion for the outdoors with his grandchildren.

In school, Erin was drawn to the biological sciences, eventually earning a bachelor’s degree at Truman State University. While Erin loves all animals, she has always had a keen interest in the wolf. After a brief externship with the Endangered Wolf Center in 2012, Erin became a Center volunteer and learned to lead tours as a docent. That volunteer work led to part-time employment, and finally a full-time job in November 2017 as an Educator.

Normally a shy person, Erin found her voice at the Endangered Wolf Center. Her passion for wolves and her commitment to the important work of the Center comes through in every program she leads. Today she loves talking to people and educating them about these amazing apex predators and keystone species. When she isn’t at the Center, her favorite place to be is home hanging with her husband and her dog, Crystal.


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