Meet our Pack

Angelena Mathes
Guest Relations Manager

I am . . . a helper, a traveler, and a friend. I’m a lover of all animals and enjoy working with and for them just as much as I adore observing them, photographing them, and learning about them. My other passions include traveling, foreign languages, and the thrill of the horror genre. I’m lucky to find myself able to speak with the public about the plight of the wolf and work toward a better future and understanding of one of the world’s most significant endangered animals.

Hi, I’m Angelena


Growing up in a small family, Angelena’s early passion for animals as a child soon caused her family to grow due to the addition of numerous pets throughout her lifetime — ranging from guinea pigs, gerbils, to cats and dogs, she enjoyed a plethora of furry friends in her childhood.

Her love of animals never waned in adulthood, though her interest in learning languages proved to be strong competition. Starting with the study of Japanese when she was 12 years old, she jumped from one language to another in a hungry pursuit of  knowledge  —  Japanese, German, Spanish, Latin, and most recently Tamil are just some of the languages she has studied. With the goal of becoming a language teacher, she studied education at Webster University.

In September 2013, she took an internship with the Endangered Wolf Center. She soon found out that it would be one of the best decisions she’d ever made. “The Endangered Wolf Center was my first choice for an internship due to my love of animals, not to mention the wolf is by far my favorite.” she said. “But upon working with the staff, and educating and talking with the public, I realized that this is exactly where I want to be, and exactly what I want to do.”

After her internship ended in December 2013, she graduated from Webster with a B.A. in Educational Studies along with a certificate in German and a minor in Spanish. She continued volunteering at the Center as a docent, and it wasn’t long after that Angelena happily accepted the position as guest relations manager and is now living her dream of being the “voice and face” of the Center.


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