Meet our Pack


Danielle Rosenstein

Animal Keeper

I am…first and foremost an animal lover. I am a nerd with a huge place in my heart for science fiction (“Star Trek”) and fantasy (“Harry Potter, A Song of Ice and Fire”). I am a native of Pennsylvania, but love to travel and see new places.

Hi, I’m Danielle.

Danielle Rosenstein has a Bachelor of Science in Psychology from Indiana University. As a member of the service fraternity Alpha Phi Omega, she spent a lot of time volunteering with both humans and animals, including at a wildlife rehabilitation center. Her focus there was to rehabilitate native wildlife that were sick, had been injured or help babies that were orphaned. When she cared for them, she was able to maintain their natural behaviors so they could be successfully be released back into the wild. After her time there, she realized how much she truly had a passion for animal care. 

Her interests extended from human behavior to animal behavior and she began working in an animal behavior laboratory analyzing mother and infant mice behavior. This led her to work at the Saint Louis Zoo analyzing animal behavior on a wide variety of species. 

When Danielle found out about the Endangered Wolf Center she immediately applied for an internship and was accepted. At the Center, she instantly fell in love with the animals, staff and volunteers. Because of her excellence skills in animal care, her passion, and dedication, Danielle was hired as a full-time keeper. 

Her favorite part about the job, besides being able to help save endangered species, is that she is constantly learning, the animals are always surprising her and she enjoys seeing their unique personalities shine. While never guessing she would end up in St. Louis, she says that it feels like home.



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