Our Staff

Our Staff

America loves an underdog. We love to see them come from behind, reach deep inside themselves for all they’ve got, and emerge victorious.

But nature intended the endangered canids in our care to be the top dogs in their ecosystems, not teetering on the edge of extinction. In fact, the more we learn, the more we understand just how much their ecosystems depend on them to survive and thrive. Which is why they, for now, are depending on us.

Let’s face it, being wild is hard, even for those who don’t have the survival of an entire species counting on them, like the five endangered species in our care.

That’s why we’re here. And we hope that’s why you’re here – to be one of us. To do more than just cheer on these underdogs, but to run fearlessly alongside them. To help them come from behind, and achieve great victories – in the press, in the wilderness, and back in the places they once called home.

The members of our staff each arrived here at the Endangered Wolf Center from different paths, all having one thing in common – a lifelong passion for wildlife. Many have pursued this passion since childhood, and went straight into careers working with animals. Others brought years of expertise in other professions with them, wonderfully rounding out the skill sets of our team. Or, as we prefer to say, our pack.

We invite you to take a few minutes and meet the passionate, talented and dedicated people of our staff. And if you’re inspired by their stories, we also invite you to get involved, or adopt one of our wolves or packs. Together, we truly can make a difference.