Meet our Pack


Mary Ann Amsinger
Director of Finance and Retail

I am…a left-brained bookeeper, a right-brained entrepreneur and a whole-hearted lover of animals and nature. The time I spent in Costa Rica with my daughter, traveling and learning Spanish, showed me the beauty of an ecosystem in harmony. Returning endangered wolves to their native habitats is vision I put both sides of my brain to work toward here at the Center – where we’re determined to make that vision a reality.



Hi, I’m Mary Ann

Endangered Wolf Center guests see the handiwork of Mary Ann on every visit. All the T-shirts, jewelry, posters, walking sticks and other items in the Celeste Ruwwe Gift Shop were selected by her. But as Director of Finance and Retail, her duties extend far beyond managing the Gift Shop; she plays key roles in the Center’s financial and human resource matters.

Mary Ann joined the Endangered Wolf Center in 2010.

She completed a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with an emphasis in the areas of management and marketing at University Missouri in St. Louis.

After working for a consulting firm for 10 to 12 years, she completed an MBA at Webster University. But she wasn’t done yet. Her newly minted MBA in hand, Mary Ann and her daughter moved to Costa Rica, traveling and learning Spanish, immersed in the beauty of the natural world and an ecosystem rich with wildlife.

This mother/daughter team have owned and operated several businesses, including a florist, gift shop and a small business consulting firm, where she worked with various small businesses in order to make them run more efficiently and profitably.

Mary Ann’s son, Jesse, is following in her footsteps with a degree in accounting from the University of Missouri St. Louis.

Mary Ann is currently a member of the Society of Human Resource Professionals and the Institute of Professional Bookkeepers. Learning more about wildlife and the world we share continues to enrich her life, and the animals in our care have become some of her favorite teachers.


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