Meet our Pack


Judith Ciegel
Database Manager

I am…the “Nana” most kids wish they had. I love to take my six grandchildren zip-lining, go-carting and mechanical bull-riding. I’ve had the career, an Executive Assistant to VPs in the corporate world. I’ve had the retirement, living on a boat in the tropics and under the shadow of the Alps in Switzerland. Now I’m pursuing another passion – working on behalf of some amazing animals at our Center and in the wild.

Hi, I’m Judith

Judith has led an interesting life. She’s worked in the fast-paced corporate world for 18 years as an Executive Assistant to the Vice President and General Counsel of the former Southwestern Bell (now AT&T).

After retiring, Judith did what most people only dream of: spending time living in the picturesque country of Switzerland after living on “island time” on a boat in the Bahamas. But a growing family back home in St. Louis eventually brought her back to the Midwest. But her adventurous side still shows, and her grandchildren are having a ball because of it.

A lover of all animals, Judith will tell you that growing up, at least two cats, a dog, birds, gerbils, mice, turtles and fish were always in her house.

Having been a longtime member of the Endangered Wolf Center, and living right in Eureka, it just seemed natural for her to volunteer, and in 2003 she became a Docent.

In addition to leading tours, Judith also volunteered in the Development Office working on mailings. She joined the “Puppy Naming Club” and has given names to six of our canids.

She’ll proudly tell you that red wolf #1402 was named in honor of her late husband, Don Mack, who was an animal lover and an avid volunteer at the Center.

Since January of 2012 Judith has served from Membership Coordinator to Database Manager. Her passion for our mission and our animals has made her a wonderful part of our team, a passion she loves to share by helping to grow the membership of our Center.


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