Meet our staff, our adoptable wolves, our endangered species, and our inspiring founders.

Working on behalf of wildlife and wild places has been a passion I’ve pursued since childhood. But I have to say, nothing has excited me more than the opportunity I have with the Endangered Wolf Center.

Born from a vision of our founders, the beloved wildlife celebrity Marlin Perkins of Wild Kingdom fame and his wife, Carol, the Endangered Wolf Center is considered a leader in our field.

My vision is to raise the bar for the Endangered Wolf Center on all fronts – awareness, quality, education – creating an engaging destination for families and wildlife lovers to enjoy, and a successful program to help wolves survive and thrive in the wild places of this world we all share.

With a rich history behind us and ambitious goals ahead, our staff, our volunteers and our supporters are more important than ever. I’d like to introduce you to the people, wolves, packs and founders behind our remarkable organization.

But I’d also like to invite you to become one of them, whether as a volunteer, a supporter, a visitor to our center, or simply as a fan helping to spread our message through our social media. Working together, we can help make a difference for wolves and our country’s last great wildernesses depending on them.

Virginia Busch
Executive Director, Endangered Wolf Center